5 necessary steps to work abroad

Are You planning to start working abroad, but You are not completely sure, what are the steps You need to make? To work abroad requires a lot of preparing and is pretty complicated arrangement. But at the same time working abroad gives You an opportunity to get new experiences and expand Your horizon with a new foreign culture.Käed, mis näitavad välismaale tööle minekuks erinevaid riike

Eesti.ee brought out the main aspects You need to consider, when You are planning to work in a foreign country:
  • what are the legal bases to work in that country- is the work permit necessary?
  • tax policy- what are the tax rates
  • terms and conditions of employment contract
  • health insurance conditions
  • coping opportunities for working as a foreigner

Usually citizen of European Union does not need work permit, if they want to work in other European Union country.  About the work permit and other important information for the country You can get from embassy.

Additionally, Postimees shared also some very good pointers for people who are planning on going abroad to work.
  • In the article, it is mentioned that usually all the big corporates have job vacancies on the website and You can also send you CV through their homepage.
  • Always remember that some jobs are harder. This means that they may start from early and last till late night. Also, sometimes the work can be on the weekends.
  • Sometimes there might be some problems abroad. For example, getting Your documents ready can take longer time than in Estonia, that is why You need to be patient and take time.  Also please remember to take extra cash with You, so You could come back home when there are problems that You can’t handle.

If You feel that all the paperwork, looking for an additional information is too time consuming and complicated, then it is best if You use company who is specialized on personnel services. These kinds of companies have more experience, contacts and can find You a needed job fast and convenient. Before finding a company be sure to look their background. Not all the companies will keep their promise and it might happen that later you will find Yourself in very uncomfortable situation.

For more information about working abroad, you can find on our homepage or if You have questions then feel free to contact us!